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It takes money to win elections and the only source is you!

In Canada only individuals are allowed to contribute to political candidates and political parties. Businesses, unions and non-profits cannot give monetary or in kind donations.

In 2018 individuals are allowed to give up $1,575 to local electoral district associations as well as an additional $1,575 to federal political parties for a maximum total annual contribution of $3,150. 

Tax credits are available for political donations. In 2018 the credit is calculated as follows: 75% of the first $400, 50% on the next $350 and 33 1/3% of any contribution over $750, up to $1,275. This results in a maximum annual credit of $650.  

Best value is a $400 contribution that will only cost you $100 after your $300 tax credit. This is less than $10 a month to ensure a stronger more conservative Canada.

For more information about donations and tax credits, please visit the CRA website and Elections Canada.


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